Elizas Best Wednesday Catherine Lalonde

ISBN: 9781550740066

Published: June 30th 1990


61 pages


Elizas Best Wednesday  by  Catherine Lalonde

Elizas Best Wednesday by Catherine Lalonde
June 30th 1990 | Hardcover | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, audiobook, mp3, ZIP | 61 pages | ISBN: 9781550740066 | 4.32 Mb

Title: Eliza’s Best WednesdayTarget Audience: 8 - 13 Years OldAuthor(s): Catherine Lalonde and Louise BurchellDrawings by Carol SeargentEliza’s Best Wednesday is a book that realistically portrays Upper Canada life in the 1800’s. The main event is when Eliza and her family go to the Upper Canada Agricultural Exhibition. During the book, however, there are not many conflicts, after all, this is Eliza’s BEST Wednesday, and there are many good events, like when nearly her entire family gets a ribbon and prize money each for their entries.The authors, Catherine Lalonde and Louise Burchell, have shown Upper Canada life in a way that is different from others.

Where most books like to portray the hardships of a farming life, Eliza’s Best Wednesday portrays the other side, the celebration, festivals, and joy. Also, there is a lot of realism in the book, right down to the pictures, which show a setting of a wooden house, wooden tables, and generally wooden furniture with some non-wooden decorations, silverware, and plates.

Furthermore, the Agricultural Exhibition is shown to be an crowded place full of families, peddlers, quacks (people who use trickery to make money), and it makes clear that people fall for the quacks’ tricks, since people used to, but now that people know more, they probably wouldn’t be tricked by some guy saying he is selling some “Magical Tonic Water”, that will “cure every single illness imaginable”.

One example is when Eliza’s own brother, James thinks this “Professor Grant”, can predict the future just by feeling the organs in your brain. The realism even extends to some of the characters’ personalities. Eliza is obedient, but not stiff, and kind of gullible. James, is rebellious, gullible, and curious. Lastly, there’s Hannah McQuinn, the stereotypical embodiment of a bully.I felt that this book deserved a ⅘ stars because of it’s realism and overall interesting event and approach, but I don’t give the book a 5 star rating since it was short for the typical book at the 8 to 13 year old reading level, maybe not for 8 year olds, but once you get to be around 10, this book will probably be too short for your liking.

However, I still encourage people to read this book, since it gives you a glimpse of the celebratory, and generally joyful part of farming life in Upper Canada, in the 1800’s. Also, it’s a quick read, so you can just read this book for something refreshing from the humdrum 200+ page fiction book you normally read.

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